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What Is A Dead Blow Hammer Used For?

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Months before our website launched, we purchased several dead blow hammers from Trusty-Cook for use around the homestead and had a very positive customer service experience.

One of the hammers had a slight deficiency but the problem was rectified by the actual president of the company. How often does that happen these days? Having dealt with customer service representatives from numerous companies, I can say the service from Trusty-Cook was the best we’ve ever encountered (no, we are not sponsored by them).

After using these hammers for several miscellaneous projects, they have been absolutely wonderful.

A soft face dead blow hammer allows you to strike a surface without fear of marring what you’re hitting. What makes a dead blow hammer is a small container inside the hammer housing that holds several pieces of shot. This allows the force of the hammer to be more concentrated with less recoil than a traditional hammer.

red trusty cook dead blow hammer head

Not all soft face hammers have this dead blow option but it can be an added bonus depending on what you need it for. The problem many people run into is they put off buying a soft face hammer because they don’t know all of its uses. Whether the soft face hammer has the dead blow function or not, they can serve many functions. Here’s just a small list:

Automotive work.

Masonry work.

Finish carpentry work.


Various crafts around the home.

Repairing bent saw blades.

Auto body work.

Metal fabrication.

One model that has served us well is the 45 oz soft face dead blow hammer which Trusty-Cook calls their Model 3. So far, we have used it to mold various types of metal, breaking ice around the heating exhaust pipe outside our home, and straightening the saw blade of a Bahco Laplander.

We also put it through a torture test to see if it would succumb to damage. After hitting a variety of steel and concrete objects, there was little damage to the polyurethane coating. The only time we actually saw an indentation was after hitting a pointed edge of steel. Of course, this would generally be outside the scope of it’s intended use but we wanted to see how it would hold up.

Hopefully, Trusty-Cook has a patent on the exact composition of their polyurethane coating because they figuratively (and literally) hit the mark when they created it.

face of trusty cook dead blow hammer head

One disadvantage of the Model 3 would be it’s weight in relation to it’s grip. Although it comes with a textured grip, there could be times when slippage may be a problem due to oily hands or an oily handle. This can easily be remedied with a product like Re-Grip. If a 45 oz hammer is more than you need, Trusty-Cook offers a large variety of smaller hammers for your choosing.

handle of trusty cook dead blow hammer

In sum, the Trusty-Cook Model 3 is a winner. Not only is the product great but it is backed by outstanding customer service.

Very, very durable.
Made in the U.S.A.
High quality.

More expensive than other brands.
Textured handle could become slippery in an oily environment.

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