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Stihl MS 250 Review: chainsaw on wood table

Stihl MS 250 Review

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After using many tools on the homestead, we’ve come to realize certain things qualify as a Homestead Hero when it comes to getting a job done. The Stihl MS 250 definitely falls into that category and is the first piece of equipment we’re giving that title to at Father Of The Homestead.

Stihl MS 250 Review: chainsaw on snow in front of wood pile

To not have a chainsaw on the homestead is like not having clothes. Here, we take our chainsaws (and safety) very seriously. 

For several years, we relied exclusively on the Stihl MS 250 until moving up to the MS 391. After extensive use, we feel we can give a pretty good assessment.   

The MS 250 is one of, if not, the best value in the Stihl lineup. Despite its smaller size, it processes wood very well and holds up to a full day’s work.

The main benefit of the MS 250 is its weight in relation to the power output. Because of this, one will experience less fatigue compared to using a larger saw like the MS 391. 

For me, the MS 250 was the perfect starter chainsaw. It was easy to maneuver and I learned a ton about how to work safely with it. It was the first chainsaw I ever used and I’m glad we didn’t have a bigger one at the time.  

A lot of folks wonder what kind of chainsaw they should buy. After all, it’s an intimidating tool that can cause serious injury or death. To address this topic, I’ll tell you what my Stihl dealer told me: Get the saw you can safely operate.

That’s pretty good advice. After all, if you’re operating a large and heavy chainsaw without the proper skill set and physical ability, an accident can  happen quicker than you can say “chainsaw”.

Stihl MS 250 Review: chainsaw on wood table in front of pine tree

For small to mid-sized work, the MS 250 does a superb job. Another benefit about the saw is the reputation. I’ve been told by my Stihl guy the MS 250 has been purchased by professional arborists in our area instead of upgrading to the higher class of professional grade chainsaws. This is a real testament to the functionality of this saw.

In the Stihl world, there are three main categories of chainsaws: Homeowner, Farm & Ranch and Professional. Being that the MS250 sits in the lower Homeowner series yet is still used by professionals gives it good credibility.

Stihl MS 250 Review: chainsaw handle close-up

In sum, the MS 250 has been a true workhorse for us. It’s easier and cheaper to maintain than bigger saws yet still meets almost all our needs. It’s definitely a Homestead Hero.



Lighter weight.

Decent price point.

Good power output.


Air filter could be designed better.