Silky Sugoi 420mm Review: handsaw on log

Silky Sugoi 420mm Review

I love this saw. Period.

The efficiency at which this thing cuts is amazing. Depending on the diameter of the wood you’re cutting, this saw can be quicker than a chainsaw. This is because in the amount of time it takes to to prep your chainsaw with fuel and oil, start it, warm it up and then make the cut, you could have made 3-4 cuts with this Silky Sugoi.

Of course, if you had to make a lot of cuts, the chainsaw would be the way to go; but if you’re only making a few, this hand saw offers incredible efficiency.

profile of a silky sugoi 420mm saw against a log

What makes this saw unique is the way the blade is shaped. The teeth are also incredibly sharp and go through a manufacturing process that increases the longevity of the edge retention. While this ensures very strong and sharp teeth, it does limit your ability to manually sharpen the blade.

silky sugoi 420mm saw blade teeth

Unlike the Bahco Laplander that cuts on both the push and pull stroke, the Sugoi cuts on the pull stroke alone. This isn’t a negative because the razor sharp teeth combined with the curvature of the blade provide a deep and efficient cut.

silky sugoi 420mm saw cutting a 6" diameter log

For those of us (me included) who don’t know what 420 mm is, it’s 16 1/2 inches. Although the Sugoi comes in a smaller 360 mm model (14 1/2 inches), we purchased the 420 mm saw to make larger cuts.

One thing to take into consideration when choosing a saw length is not only what you’re cutting but also where you’re cutting. If you plan to cut in thick vegetation where maneuverability is an issue, a smaller saw might be better. Most of the smaller diameter cuts we did with our Sugoi were in tight areas which caused the blade to hit objects. Because of the quality of the blade, thankfully, there was no permanent bending.

From a bushcraft / survival standpoint, one disadvantage of the saw is the case. There is pretty much no retention so the saw can pop out of the case like water flying out of a dropped cup. To counter this, I created my own retention system that consists of a non-climbing rated carabiner and some orange 550 cord.

For the arborist, though, this case wouldn’t be a big deal. That’s because it allows easy access – something hugely important when you’re in a tree and have other equipment to contend with. Also for the arborist, Silky includes two very strong and durable leg straps for the sheath.

Overall, Silky makes a great product that I’ll continue to use for years to come. If you’re in the market for a back-up to your chainsaw, the Silky Sugoi would make a great companion.

Very high quality.
Extremely efficient.
Lightweight yet very durable.

More expensive than other models.
No retention when in the case for bushcraft / survival applications (arborists will likely appreciate this, however).

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