profile of re-grip handle on a red trusty cook dead blow hammer

Re-Grip Review

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Sometimes a tool can be almost perfect, except for the handle. I’m sure you’ve noticed this too. Some tools have a slippery grip or just don’t feel quite right in your hand. When dealing with a heavier tool, just the sheer weight can make it unwieldy. Before you discard your tool, try a simple DIY.

Enter the Re-Grip brand of DIY handle modification.

re-grip inside package laying on a work table

Re-Grip offers three different sizes depending on the diameter of the item you’re attaching it to.

For the 45 oz Trusty Cook hammer I have, the medium size seemed like the one to buy. The sizes listed on the package by Re-Grip are as follows:

Small .68 – 1.1” with a fit over clearance of 1.3”
Medium .79 – 1.5” with a fit over clearance of 1.6”
Large .98 – 2.0” with a fit over clearance of 2.3”

Now, one thing Re-Grip doesn’t tell you is how to space it on your handle. They just mention trimming any excess off after the grip has affixed to your item. For me, I found that moving it about one inch from the end was perfect and didn’t require any trimming.

applying re-grip to the handle of a trusty cook dead blow hammer

Once on, it’s on. There is no adjusting or removing this grip unless you cut it off. That’s a good thing, though, because it means it’s a quality product. Just be sure of your spacing before you apply it.

Once you slap one of these bad boys on something, it becomes a whole other tool in your arsenal of DIY weaponry. The grip is fairly thick and very strong which yields a very confident feel in your hands.

One negative would be using this on something that already has a sufficient handle. Unless you need this product for additional grip, someone like, say, a carpenter isn’t likely to put this on their hammer because it will cause heat spots to develop on your hand and heat spots will lead to blisters. However, this is not a reflection on Re-Grip because any type of rubber grip will cause heat spots after prolonged use.

Where this products shines is applying it to a tool that needs extra grip or has a thin or slippery handle.

profile of re-grip applied to trusty cook dead blow hammer

In sum, this is an awesome product. We will be purchasing more in the coming months.



Very strong and durable.
Adds greater control to virtually any item you put it on.


Instructions are a little too simple.

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