Lanksy Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System Review

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This article is unique in that it’s tied to a very painful and bloody accident we recently had on the homestead. Before we get into that story, though, let’s discuss the review. 

My first interaction with a Lansky product was two years ago when we purchased a sharpening puck for our axes. In short, we were highly impressed. It’s hands down one of the best ways to sharpen an axe.

Lanksy Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System: sharpening stones on worktable

For Christmas this past year, my wife bought me a Lansky 5-stone deluxe kit so I could sharpen our knives in a more consistent manner.

After noticing our Benchmade Bushcrafter could be a little sharper, I tested this kit on the blade to see what it could do. It came with five hones with the following technical specs:

-LS 70 Extra Coarse Stone.

-LS 120 Coarse Stone.

-LS 280 Medium Stone.

-LS 600 Fine Stone.

-LS 1000 Ultra Fine Stone. 

It also included five rods, a very nice case, honing oil, extra hardware and, of course, the clamp. Even better, it’s made in America. 

Although Benchmade offers lifetime sharpening services at no charge, one does have to factor in the time resources to accomplish this. Besides filling out the paperwork, there’s also the time and effort in packaging your knife and taking it somewhere to be shipped. 

For a reasonable price, you can buy a kit like this and get your blade very, very sharp in minimal time. In fact, it took me only a few minutes to get the Bushcrafter blade from good to razor sharp. 

With the designated angle notches, it takes the guesswork out of sharpening a knife. All I did was follow the simple instructions Lansky included and had zero problems. It was truly a breeze to make a good knife even better. 

The nice thing about this system is the clamp is reversible, meaning you don’t have to take the knife out to sharpen the other side. You can simply flip it because the same angle notches are located on each side. For angles, the clamp includes 17, 20, 25, and 30 degrees which should meet the needs of almost all users.   

The unit can either be held in the hand or mounted on a base. I used both methods and it worked just fine. In regards to the mounting units, Lansky offers a C clamp model and another you can affix to a solid base. The nice thing about these units is the clamp fits on top and can be move moved in a circular motion in the event you needed a different position. I used the C clamp and had no complaints.

Another plus is the fact Lansky offers several sharpening hones that are sold separately. This means if you don’t like what they offer in a particular kit, you can add to it for a reasonable price. For example, if you need a serrated hone, Lansky offers a few models to suit your needs (see below links for purchasing).

Lanksy Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System: sharpening stones and case on worktable

Now, it’s time for a good story. 

After sharpening my Benchmade, I decided to baton some wood because I needed kindling. After going through wood like a proverbial hot knife through butter, I went to grab another stick when I accidentally smacked the end of my finger against the blade, causing a huge laceration. No exaggeration – this was pretty severe with a lot of blood. 

Lanksy Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System: blood drops in snow

Although some folks would focus on the injury, I was actually thinking about how good of a job this sharpening kit did. As my wife was giving me towels to soak up the blood, I made it a priority to thank her for getting me such a nice Christmas present.

If you have a knife in need of some tender loving care, I highly recommend this product. In addition to this, Lansky offers others to fit your needs. Trust me, I’m speaking from personal (and painful) experience here – this kit will definitely sharpen your knife.  


Affordable price.

Compact kit.

Kit produces a consistent and very, very sharp blade.

Individual components can be purchased separately.


None so far.

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