knipex 31 11 160 needle nose pliers grasping a square nut inside a round socket

Knipex 31 11 160 Needle Nose Pliers Review

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Have you ever made a purchase where you said to yourself, “How did I get by all those years without this?”

The same thing happened to me when I first used the Knipex 31 11 160 needle nose pliers.

front facing knipex 31 11 160 needle nose pliers on a roll of wire

Because of the very narrow, yet long extension of the plier nose, you can easily access tight spaces. When things are too small for a more conventional plier like the Knipex 26 11 200, it’s always nice to have one of these on hand. 

Not only is this tool great for technical applications around the house and shop, but it can also be used for a variety of crafts like jewelry making. This means your homestead can really get a lot of use out of it.

The only negative about this Knipex model is the price. Considering the small size (just over 6 inches long), you would think Knipex would have the price point below some of their larger models. Despite the higher price, however, the quality more than makes up for the dollar amount. Here at Father Of The Homestead, we are very particular about our tools and believe that most higher priced tools are worth it in the long run. 

knipex 31 11 160 needle nose pliers reaching inside peg board hole

An example of how small a space these pliers can reach into.

The Knipex 31 11 160 needle nose pliers will not disappoint you. It’s an outstanding tool for a variety of tasks, especially ones involving hard to reach places.



Very small nose for precise applications.

Build quality.

Not made in China.



A little pricey.

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