Grizzly Outdoors Kydex Sheath: side view of knife handle in sheath

Grizzly Outdoors Kydex Sheath

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When you order a custom product, you should get exactly what you want. After all, it’s not custom if it isn’t tailored to your needs. With that said, the person you’re purchasing a custom item from should not only listen to your request, but also execute what you tell them. 

Enter our recent purchase of a Grizzly Outdoors custom kydex sheath. In sum: they totally nailed it. 

It should be mentioned that we didn’t inform them we have a website where some of the articles are dedicated to product reviews. If we did that, I would question the quality because I figure someone would go above and beyond because they knew their name and reputation was on the line.  

Over the years I’ve lost thousands of dollars on cruddy products so please know we take our reviews very seriously. We would never recommend a sub-par product just to get an extra buck.

Back to the review.

My personal belief is the reputation of a custom sheath maker shouldn’t be based solely on quality, but rather, the extent to which they pay attention to what you want. In the initial communications with Grizzly Outdoors, we placed an order for a sheath for a Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 (review here). In short, this is what we wanted:


-Olive drab color on the outside.

-Desert color on the inside.

-Dangler carry option. 

-.093″ thick kydex.

-Maximum retention. 

-2 pairs of milled slots that were equal in size and equally across from one another.

-Drain holes.

-Thumb ramp on the outside layer of kydex only.

-Pancake style (this means two pieces go on either side of the knife).

To make a long story short, 10 out of 10 needs were executed flawlessly so let’s talk about a few. 

Grizzly Outdoors Kydex Sheath: sheath on canvas

First, the thickness. Grizzly Outdoors mostly uses .093″ thick kydex which is good because other sheath makers may only use .080″. Another thing they do very well is drain holes. I’ve seen a bunch of pics and video of drains holes other companies create and none looked as cool or functional as what Grizzly Outdoors pulled off. 

Grizzly Outdoors Kydex Sheath: sheath and belt loop

The dangler carry option was another thing that impressed me. The d-ring is super strong and is able to be folded over to make the sheath shorter if you need to pack it away. The nylon that goes around your belt is very rigid. I have no idea what it is but it’s the most sturdy and robust nylon strap I’ve ever felt in my life. It should definitely last a long time. 

Grizzly Outdoors Kydex Sheath: sheath and benchmade knife on canvas

The most important part, though, is the retention. If a sheath can’t retain a knife, what good is it? Matt from Grizzly Outdoors was probably annoyed with the guy (me) who kept stressing about maximum retention. In the end, however, I was highly impressed with the way the sheath held the knife. I tried several times to shake it out but it wouldn’t dislodge. It was very secure and didn’t rattle one bit.

Grizzly Outdoors Kydex Sheath: knife in sheath

Unlike many kydex sheath makers, Grizzly Outdoors has a large variety of knives on hand to use as templates. This means you save money in not having to send your knife to and from in order to get a proper fit. Thankfully, they had a Benchmade Bushcrafter on hand which saved me some cash. Of course, they don’t have every knife but a simple email with them can verify this.

Grizzly Outdoors Kydex Sheath: benchmade knife in custom sheath

The sheath shown in this review is just a small sample of what they can do. If you need a sheath to hold a ferro rod, compass, sharpener, pouch, or even a secondary knife, there are a lot of options offered. Check out their website at

In the end, I love this sheath so much I wish we had another knife to send them. Oh well, no big deal, I’m content with my Bushcrafter. If we ever get another quality knife someday, we’ll hire Grizzly Outdoors without a second thought. Well done, well done. 


Excellent retention.

Nylon webbing for attaching to a belt is super strong.

Build quality is top notch. 

Grizzly Outdoors pays attention to what you want.

They have several knifes on hand to use as templates.



Matt is in high demand. Expect a wait time of 6-8 weeks.

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