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Estwing 26" Camper's Axe Review: axe on stump in woods

Estwing 26” Camper’s Axe Review

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While this isn’t the greatest axe known to man, it’s definitely an outstanding tool. It’s well-built and American made. 

Even though we prefer finer axes from Helko and Gransfors Bruk, the Estwing 26″ Camper’s Axe is one of the most important axes you can own. Here’s why: there are some applications where you may not want to risk using a more expensive axe. In that case, having a cheaper yet well-built one comes in handy.

A less expensive axe like this Estwing is also be good to keep in a survival kit or shed, ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

Estwing 26" Camper's Axe Review: axe leaning against twig shedThe Estwing 26″ Camper’s Axe has an Ok finish and a very strong handle. The handle is made of steel and features Estwing’s attempt at reducing shock – which it does exceptionally well. With all this steel, reducing vibration is crucial.

Estwing 26" Camper's Axe Review: blue axe handle on rockFor the negatives, my only real complaint is the sharpness. One thing is for sure – this axe didn’t come out of the box as sharp as a Gransfors Bruk. However, it was sharp enough.  

At 26” inches you aren’t going to have the momentum and weight to take down anything big. Small trees and branches are what this axe is good for – and that’s totally fine. After all, how many of us need a Paul Bunyan-sized axe anyway? For survival and general home use, the size is virtually perfect.

Estwing 26" Camper's Axe Review: axe laying diagonally on rock and leavesThe Estwing 26″ Camper’s Axe is something that’ll last a lifetime. It’s an outstanding value and highly durable. Even though I don’t brag about it like our other axes, we’re glad to own one of these classic cutting tools. Feel free to purchase it here. 


American made and well-built.

Highly durable.

Very low vibration.


It could be a little sharper.

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