corona fixed tine shrub rake by tomato plant

Corona Fixed Tine Shrub Rake Review

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If I’m ever given the chance to write another book someday, I’d love to write a homestead buyer’s guide based on all the money that’s been wasted on subpar products.

My goodness, if I had a dollar for every one wasted over the years, we’d probably have enough to buy our dream homestead tractor, the John Deere 1025 R.

corona fixed tine shrub rake standing upright on grass

The piece of land where our main garden lies is full of pebbles, rocks and boulders. After four years of flushing the rocks and boulders out, we still have to contend with thousands of pebbles.

This is where a shrub rake comes into play because it’s small enough to fit between rows of produce as well as certain plants like tomatoes and zucchini.

corona fixed tine shrub rake under zucchini plant

The first shrub rake we bought was a Fiskars which claimed “Less Work, More Weekend”. After the thing easily shattered, there was more work and less weekend. Rather than going to Fiskars with a warranty claim, we decided to get something different – not because the rake shattered but because it really didn’t do a good job.

Fiskars broken shrub rake

Thankfully, we’ve had better success with the Corona shrub rake. Not only has it been good at clearing away pebbles but it’s been good at clearing weeds after they’ve been hoed.

While it’s lightweight, it is very durable. The tines have shown no signs they’re going to break anytime soon which is a good thing.

corona fixed tine shrub rake leaning against garden fence

The only complaint would be the label. Stupidly, Corona affixed it with a glue that could hold together a rocket ship. It was hard to remove and left a ton of residue.

If you’re in the market for a quality shrub rake, this is a great one to buy. You can purchase it here.


Corona Fixed Shrub Rake Specs:

Length: 54 inches.

Width: 8 inches.

Number of Tines: 11



Lightweight yet sturdy.

Very affordable.

Metal tines do a better job than Fiskars’ plastic ones.



Label is difficult to remove.


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