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black diamond spot headlamp on work table

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp Review

Whoever invented the headlamp needs world recognition and some sort of prize for best invention ever. 

The headlamp reigns supreme over all other lighting devices. Whether you’re a mechanic, outdoorsman or a service member, the headlamp is one of your best friends in a dark environment, especially when you need both hands free to perform a task. 

For any household, I would recommend having at least one headlamp on each level of your home as well as one in each car.

One of the main benefits of a headlamp is to get light on an object quickly. Looking back, 90% of my headlamp usage was because something broke and I needed light NOW.

In using the Black Diamond Spot, there are three words that come to mind:

Worst. Headlamp. Ever.

Another thing that comes to mind is this must have been a headlamp designed for millennials by millennials. This is because of the touch control on the side.

Overall, the functionality wasn’t very intuitive. When you need light for a task, fumbling with headlamp controls is a headache you don’t need. Very annoying.

black diamond spot headlamp on work bench with white light on

How does it operate? If you want to go from white light to red light, you have to turn off one of the colors and then hold the button until another color comes on. This is confusing because until you figure it out, you’re accidentally turning on and off other lights while some other light is dimming. Again, not real user friendly.

black diamond spot headlamp on table with red light on

Then there’s the side touch feature which is used to quickly increase or decrease light. I understand why it was added. However, this wouldn’t be needed if the top button made it easier to use. At least it makes for good marketing, I guess.

black diamond spot headlamp shining on carpet

The lighting intensity is real nice. For the 2018 model, it’s 300 lumens which is a jump from a previous version. For headlamps this size, that’s pretty good. The only complaint here would be the pattern. It was neither great for near or far range.

black diamond spot headlamp red light shining

black diamond spot headlamp shining on door

The sad part is Black Diamond could have made the Spot much better. Is there anything wrong with just one button to select between low, medium and high?

Why does everything we create have to be so complicated? 


Very lightweight.

Decent brightness of light.


Overly complicated controls.

Lighting patterns could be a little better.