bahco pointed nose bow saw on logs

Bahco 21 Inch Pointed Nose Bow Saw

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For a very long time, we’ve been in the market for a quality bow saw. In this market, there’s a dominance of cheap junk. However, this isn’t the case with the Bahco 21 inch pointed nose bow saw.

Here, we process a lot of wood – not just for us but also for family members; and because of this, having a good selection of wood processing equipment is a necessity. 

On the homestead, one must practice redundancy in virtually everything. Since you never know when you might run out of fuel or bar oil, hand saws are a great back-up for chainsaws. 

Now, you could purchase a fine crosscut saw which is something that’s served many of homesteader for over a hundred years. The 3′ Lynx crosscut saw is a fine model and one that I’d love to have someday. However, sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for stuff like this and we have to be reasonable. This is how the Bahco bow saw came into existence on our little homestead.

Over the past winter, we purposely ignored the chainsaw and strictly used a combination of this saw as well as the Silky Sugoi 420mm and the Bahco Laplander. The reason we did this was to see first hand the amount of energy needed to process wood by hand. 

There’s a lot to be said about manually processing fire wood. Not only is it physically demanding but it’s also time consuming compared to just using a chainsaw.  

Of the three saws, the Bahco bow saw was used the most by far. Of course, we’re big fans of Silky saws but there was something uniquely special about this saw from Bahco. 

For roughly one-third the price of a Silky Sugoi, you get one of the highest quality bow saws on the market which cuts just as good – if not better. 

When considering hand saws, there’s obviously a difference between a bow saw and a prunning-type saw which is the category the Silky would fall under. 

If you’re looking for more of a bushcraft saw, the Silky or Bahco Laplander would be the proper choice considering their compactness and lower weight. Rarely do people strap a bow saw to their pack and head out to the woods. If you need something to process a larger quantity of wood at home, the bow saw is a much better answer.  

Now, let’s talk about how the saw cuts. Two words sum it up – silky smooth. Two more words would be efficiency and quality. The blade is exceptional and very well made. Even better, it is very affordable to replace. 

bahco pointed nose bow saw cutting log

For those looking to add a bow saw to your repertoire, there are two types of blades: one for the dry wood and the other for green. For more information about this, check out a previous article here. 

The frame of the saw is very study which is an absolute must for this type of saw. Compared to every bow saw I’ve ever touched, the build quality is superb. Additionally, the model being reviewed also comes with an ergo handle which is better than their standard model yet still remaining very affordable.  

bahco pointed nose bow saw handle

You may wonder what a pointed nose saw is compared to a traditional one. On a pointed nose saw, there’s significant tampering in the front which allows it to get into tighter areas. The traditional shape doesn’t have this design and looks more like an upside down bowl. This allows for more of the blade to be used when cutting because it limits the amount of contact between the log and frame.

We processed no less than 45 logs this past winter and didn’t find anything annoying about the frame occasionally hitting the log. But, if you have larger diameter logs, then the traditional-shaped model would be a better choice. 

If the pointed nose model isn’t for you, the traditional saws can be ordered in 21”, 24” or 30”.  

We recently purchased the 30 inch model and will do a review in the coming weeks. 

If you’re not planning on doing any serious bushcraft work far away from home, the Bahco 21 inch pointed nose bow saw is easily one of the best on the market. You will be pleasantly surprised. 

bahco pointed nose bow saw laying on wood pile



Excellent price point.

Outstanding cutter. 

Affordable, yet high quality blades. 



None so far. 


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