The world is full of stress, anxiety and depression. Would you not agree?

To combat this, there’s a plethora of medications and mental health professionals available to temporarily treat your mental illness. 

With hundreds of thousands of veterans returning from war with severe anxiety and PTSD, in addition to the millions of people experiencing traumatic events every single day, mental anguish is significantly rising. 

Now, are there times when professional help is needed? Yes, there are. However, I firmly believe many people fail to receive the free mental health that Jesus Christ offers. 

Please remember the world offers to temporarily treat your stress, anxiety and depression – Jesus Christ offers to permanently heal it.  

In my book, I dive deep into how anxiety and depression negatively affected my life for years as a result of my time in Iraq. Not only was the book written for veterans but it was written for every single person going through trials and tribulations in life. It’s a story of divine intervention and restoration. 

If you or someone you know are going through tough times, I would encourage you to get a copy of my book. I pray that it helps you no matter what you’re going though.

God Bless.