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using PPE torn chainsaw chaps

Using PPE On The Homestead (Or Anywhere Else)

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The unfortunate reality is accidents do happen – whether you’re at work or trying to build the homestead. One of the best (and cheapest) ways to protect yourself during a task is by using PPE (personal protective equipment). In many cases, PPE can prevent a bad situation from becoming worse. Here’s a story about something that recently happened to me…

During a cut on a large diameter tree, my chainsaw got too close to my leg and cut into the chainsaw chaps I was using. Worse, it was near the femoral artery.

chainsaw chaps laying on sticks

For those who don’t know, chainsaw chaps have a specialized material that is supposed to burst into the chain, thus, causing the saw to bind. Anyway, as the chain came into my leg, it ripped a hole into the chaps and provided enough of a sensation in my brain that things were about to go very bad very quickly. Thankfully, reflexes kicked in and I was able to pull the chainsaw away.  

In this instance, the chain never sunk into the chaps hard enough to cause the specialized material to stop the saw. However, it still provided some level of protection. If I hadn’t used the chaps that day, there could have had some serious blood loss.    

using PPE, up-close view of hole in chainsaw chaps

Not only is PPE effective if you’re using it correctly but it can also save you money. Although I’m happy no injuries occurred that day, I’m just as happy we were able to avoid ridiculous medical bills.

For homesteaders, there are plenty of potential accidents you could suffer while working. If you live in a remote area where emergency help is not quickly available, preventing accidents and injuries and mitigating risks is hugely important. For those who’re into self-sufficiency, it’s a great idea to be prepared with first aid equipment and know-how.

I’ll definitely keep using PPE in the future. Not only did it prevent a hospital visit but it also kept me healthy so I can provide for my family. 

Thank you, Husqvarna, for making a quality chaps. Now, I have to buy more.