How To Prepare For An EMP, Part 1: bottled water and canned goods on bench

Preparing For An EMP, Part I

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Over the years, people have asked me what would happen if an EMP ever hit our nation. After studying this topic for many years, here’s what I always say:

“I don’t know.”

If you think about it, it’s the most honest answer anyone can give. After all, no one knows where an EMP could strike or the degree to which it’s able to knock out the power grid. Some say cars will work and others say they won’t. Some say the affects will be permanent and others say something completely different.

Another thing we don’t know is how well emergency management services will be able to respond. In the end, there’s a lot of noise out there and a good way to approach it, I believe, is as simple as possible.

EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse which can come from man-made weapons or be a natural occurrence such as a coronal mass ejection (CME). In the last few years, EMPs and their ability to damage the power grid have been a hot topic. Not only can it bring down the grid but it can also hurt a variety of electrical components.

Now, if an EMP hit a nation where electric power isn’t used a whole lot, it’ll have less of an impact. If it occurred over a nation like the United States – where electricity is king – there’ll be devastating consequences.

In the research I’ve done, some have speculated 90% of Americans would die as a result of an EMP, presumably from starvation and lack of medical care. Not good.

Think about it: virtually everything in America is dependent on electricity; gasoline and diesel require electricity to get inside your fuel tank and hospitals need it to care for patients. Simply put, the loss of electrical current would be horrid.

So, how does one prepare for this? Better yet, what can a family on a modest income and budget like you and I do in the event the grid goes down?

Here’s one answer…

There are two things in life we all take for granted. These two things rely on massive amounts of electricity to collect, process and transport. Over the millennia, wars have been fought over rights to these things to the extent people believe they should have as much as they want.

The two items I’m referring to are this: food and water.

Food and water? Yes, it’s that simple. You can’t eat gold and you can’t eat silver. You also can’t eat the latest “tacticool” gear. There’s not a human (or animal) on the planet that doesn’t need food and water to keep going.

Now, unfortunately, food and water aren’t discussed as much as they should be. Do you know why? In articles dominated by ultra expensive equipment, pictures of rice and beans aren’t considered glamourous.

On the other hand, do you know what else isn’t glamorous? Watching someone starve to death.

This means if you’ve acquired twenty hand guns and three days worth of food, you’re doing it wrong.

There are many ways to have back-up should the need arise; and if you’re new to home preparedness, check out our articles on Food Preparedness and Food Storage Ideas where we highlight some basic steps to approach the subject. Of course, having food and water isn’t the only way to prepare for an EMP but it’s a great start.

Imagine waking up someday and learning the power grid is down across the entire nation. Now, imagine the peace of mind you’ll have if you took the proper steps to have extra provisions.


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