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Homestead First Aid Kit

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Have you taken steps to address minor and serious injuries you or your children many encounter on the homestead?

If not, then it’s a good idea to put together some type of basic first aid kit that’s readily available.

In this article, we’ll present an idea for organizing a simple kit that covers a variety of things.

In the military, we were taught about what injuries were prioritized when it came to rendering care to an individual. The top three were life, limb and eye sight because they can pose the greatest harm if not quickly taken care of. With that said, you might, at a minimum, want to have things that can address serious blood loss and eye injuries. 

A Plano 3600 series container is great for organization. Most people use these for fishing gear but they’re also good for first aid items like adhesive bandages and eye wound pads and cups.

Because these containers are customizable, you can make it how you want. Having this level of organization if better than fumbling through a box of different-sized bandages while your kid is screaming. Best of all, it can be kept on top of the fridge where little hand can’t reach, yet still be accessible when you need it.

homestead first aid kit open

Another thing we have is a basket with items for more serious blood loss in addition to hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol for sanitization. There’s also a bottle of eyewash solution that came in a kit. 

For items that address blood loss, there’s a larger QuikClot clotting sponge and an Israeli bandage. We also bought a QuickClot kit which contains a smaller clotting sponge, gauze and nitrile gloves. Lastly, we have a tourniquet from Recon Medical.

homestead first aid kit outside on step ladder

This is just an idea of something you can put together easily and affordably. Of course, every household has different needs so plan accordingly. 

So far, having these items in an organized fashion has helped us on more than one occasion. Always remember that when emergencies happen, a quick and organized response can prevent bad situations from becoming worse. Be safe!