four cans of food for food preparedness

Food Preparedness

When thinking about food preparedness, it’s been said that society is roughly 9 meals away from total chaos.

What does this mean?

It is estimated that grocery stores have roughly three days of food on hand in the event that transportation lines are shut down either due to bad weather or something worse like a fuel shortage. If that were to occur, you might see people go from being friendly to aggressive real quick. This is not a situation any of us want to be in. 

My personal opinion is grocery stores will actually have less than three days worth of food, especially if large amounts of people swarm the store in order to purchase as many things as they possibly can.

Now what? What do you do? The first thing to avoid is panic shopping. 

Panic shopping is when you are forced to make hasty, last minute purchases in order to prepare for something. For example, a hurricane is coming your way and you all of a sudden realize that you need food, water, and building materials. It amazes me every time I see news footage of people standing in  long lines at a grocery store just days before an impending disaster.

To avoid panic shopping, one thing you can start doing is making purchases every week in order to build your food supplies. Even if you have a small budget of just $5 dollars a week, there’s a lot you can get.

For $5 dollars, you could get a few cans of food or a combination of food and 1-gallon water jugs. Now, multiply that out over the course of several months and you’ll have a decent amount of provisions.

three 1 gallon water jugs for food preparedness

So, be encouraged to know it’s never too late to start stocking up on food and water in the event shortages were to occur. 

In the next home preparedness article, we’ll look at a few ways in which you can maintain food storage in your home. 

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