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emergency fishing kit in the woods

Emergency Fishing Kit

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Emergency food kits that you can purchase are not designed to sustain you long-term. Many kits contain some freeze-dried food with individual pouches of water mixed in with some matches and a whistle or two. That’s Ok for a few days but what if something causes your short-term situation to become a long-term one?

In previous home preparedness articles, we discussed food preparedness and food storage ideas. However, no matter what your food plan is, you can’t store enough to last forever. At some point you’ll have to think about how to acquire more food.   

In this article, we’ll show you one way to add sustainability to your food provisions. 

emergency fishing kit on pile of wood

A simple way to to do this is by having a decent fishing kit. While many  survival kits on the market come with some fishing supplies, they don’t have a lot of useful stuff and what they do have is sparse and of low quality.  

One method is to put together a fishing kit in a Plano organizer. The one being shown here measures approximately 10 1/2 long by 6 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches deep. Best of all, it has a larger compartment on the right which allows bigger items to be stored. You can’t do this when the whole box is completely filled with parallel slots like most organizers. 

In the kit are the following items from the brand Eagle Claw:

Snap-on float

Spring floats.

Split shot weights.

3-way swivel.

3/8 ounce weights.

Jig heads of assorted colors.

20 pound leaders. 

Size 6 hooks.

Size 4 hooks.

Size 2 hooks.

Size 6 treble hooks.

There are also some rubber worms with jig heads by the brand Creme and an assortment of popular Rebel Classic Critters lures. Although not necessarily a survival must-have, the kit has a Rapala Fishing Clipper to make it easier to cut line. For the line, there’s 8 lb. Berkley Trilene in the kit. Yes, a lower weight would be better for catching smaller fish but having stronger line could have a dual role in building a shelter. 

For the fishing pole, either a collapsible pole could be added or you could fashion one from a branch.

Keep in mind that what’s presented here doesn’t work for fish in all locations of the United States. This means you’ll want to add items that work for fish in your area.

A good thing about this kit is that much of the contents come in small packages which are able to fold and bend in order to fit in the box. This takes much of the rattling out and also prevents little things from creeping over to the next compartment. 

Now, you could use fishing equipment you already own but one thing to be weary of is that your stinky fishing stuff will now stink up any other gear you put it with. Also, your regular gear might not be at your place of residence. It could be at someone’s house or boat in which case you might not have access when you need it. It’s better to have a separate kit you can keep ready to go. 

This is just one example of how to maintain a long-term food source in the event your initial provisions run out. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that but it’s always crucial to have multiple ways of acquiring food.  

emergency fishing kit: lid closed