DIY Food Rations: Whole Foods bag on bench

DIY Food Rations, Whole Foods Version

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In a previous article, we discussed a way to put emergency food rations together in the event you needed it. Always wanting to improve, we set off to Whole Foods to see what we could incorporate into a ration kit.  

One thing observed in recent years is the greater number of people getting into home preparedness. Once upon a time, it was a small segment of the population. Now, people of all beliefs and economic status are embracing it. This is awesome because it means greater numbers of people are better prepared for emergencies. 

In our state, Whole Foods are located in more affluent areas – places where home preparedness was less of a concern years ago. So, we took a drive to the city to see what we could incorporate into a DIY ration kit. 

DIY Food Rations, Whole Foods: snacks on bench in woods

Right away this was a different experience than the last time. Although we added non-GMO and organic food in our previous kits, there was even more of it at Whole Foods. Where it was harder to find healthier food at a regular food store, it was the exact opposite here – I could barely travel three feet before running into the next organic item. 

For protein, we bought some beef and pork sticks from Vermont Smoke and Cure which were amazing. There was also some 365 brand tuna that came from a certified sustainable fishery. We also found snack bars from Kind which had 8 grams of protein. 

DIY Food Rations. Whole Foods: food on bench

On the carbohydrate side, we got some Lotus Foods brand rice ramen, one with miso soup and the other vegetable broth as well as a 365 rice packet containing spelt and green lentils. A fun little container of gluten free oatmeal from Bob’s Red Mill and Late July peanut butter crackers were also included.  

For electrolytes, we picked out a beverage from Nooma. Like the oatmeal package, this product had a container that could be reused for other purposes should the need arise in a survival situation.  

A couple of organic fruit snacks from 365 rounded off the more healthier food which, arguably, left the most important food group of all: morale. Of all the things at Whole Foods, this was a little more challenging when considering price. Thankfully, some peanut butter cups from Justin’s were on sale – and organic (double win). 

DIY Food Rations, Whole Foods: axe and snack bag in woods

What’s presented here may not work for you and that’s Ok. Like we mentioned before, one of the best things about creating your own ration kit is the ability to cater it to your dietary needs. Some folks have medical conditions which prevent them from stocking up on traditional freeze-dried food or MRE’s. The beauty of a DIY ration kit is you can make it exactly how you need it. Another benefit is the ability to add more nutritious food.


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