chainsaw tools and caddy lined up against a wood pile

Chainsaw Carryall

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There are few pieces of equipment that makes one feel more alive than the chainsaw. If you’re a dude reading this, the chainsaw is one of the most manly tools you can own. It’s also incredibly dangerous.

After several inefficient stints in the woods where I had to run back to the garage to get a tool, oil, gas (or all three), I decided there had to be a better way. Enter the chainsaw carryall.

The container is just a small tool bag I picked up at Home Depot and it carries the essentials for chainsaw operations. Think of it as a super manly hand bag.

husky tool caddy with oil and tools inside

It Includes:

-Three different sharpeners for different sized chains.

-Cleaning brush.

-Old motor engine oil bottle containing high performance bar oil.

-Small can of fuel.

-Extra chainsaw nuts (these are easily lost in the woods).

-Carburetor adjustment tool.

-2 x screnches: one with a torx bit and a regular one with a flat tip.

-2 x 10 inch felling wedges.

-Backup torx tool.

The most important items, though, deal with first aid. Most people never consider safety when packing their chainsaw equipment for a day of work. However, chainsaws are a major source of injury for people and aren’t  something to take lightly.

For my personal first aid gear, only serious trauma is taken into consideration because there’s usually no such thing as a minor chainsaw accident. A simple internet search of “chainsaw injuries” reveals some pretty grotesque stuff.

So, here’s what I carry for first aid:

clotting sponge, Israeli bandage, gauze, and tourniquet laying on a tarp


Israeli bandage.


QuickClot brand clotting gauze.

These are just some ideas for a chainsaw carryall. Whatever you decide to pack into the woods, always have an emergency action plan and carry the proper equipment to ensure a safe and efficient work day.

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