Bushcraft Christmas Gift Ideas

Bushcraft Christmas Gift Ideas

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My personal opinion is that bushcraft, home preparedness and homesteading go hand-in-hand any day of the week. Learning bushcraft is one of the best things you can do to start learning survival. It’s also one of the best foundations for home preparedness.

Based on the 10 Cs of survivability, here’s a list of gift ideas. These items are great to add to individual survival kits, whether it be a large home kit or a smaller one.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


One of the first things I learned is how important cotton materials are. It can be used for repairing clothing, first aid, filtering water and many more.   

Levi’s Cotton Bandanas:

Blackhawk! Shemaugh:


Long before I was into bushcraft, I understood the importance of lights. Anything from head lamps to candling devices are super important to own. Here’s some lighting products that are good to have. 

UCO Candle Lantern:

UCO Candles:

UCO Candelier Deluxe Candle Lantern:

Petzl Tactikka + Head Lamp:

Maglite XL50 LED 3 Cell AAA Flashlight:

Maglite Mini LED 2 Cell AA Flashlight:

Maglite ML300LX LED 2 Cell D Flashlight:


Having more than one method of securement is always good. But, did you know you can fashion belts, sandals, etc. out of cargo tape? Food for thought. Tape is also good to secure plastic drop cloth to windows in the event they’re busted or you want to keep contaminants out.

Gorilla Tape:


This doesn’t just include tarps used for shelter but also outerwear, sleeping bags, blankets, etc. 

Ektos 90% Wool Blanket

Pendlton Yakima Wool Blanket:

Snugpak Jungle Blanket:

Snugpak Softie Elite 5 Sleep Bag:

Snug Pak Patrol Poncho:

Aqua Quest Defender Tarp:


My personal favorite, cutting tools are great for making shelters and traps, processing firewood and making a plethora of camp related items. One thing I always recommend to people: never go cheap in this element. 

Morakniv Garberg Stainless:


Silky Saws 717-24 Gomboy

Silky 21 Inch Pointed Nose Bow Saw:

Fiskars X17 Splitting Axe, 23.5 inch:

3 Knife Morakniv Bundle: 120, 163 And 164 carving knives:

Fiskars X17 14 Inch Hatchet:

Morakniv Woodworking Knife Set, 120 And 164 Carving Knives:

Council Tool Wood-Craft 24 Inch Pack Axe:

Gransfors Bruk Small Forrest Axe:

Morakniv Kansbol Knife:

Victorinox Swiss Army Spirit X Multi-Tool:

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw:


Matches are cool but you never know when you’ll run out. That’s why it’s good to have multiple ways to start a fire.

Zippo Lighter:

UCO Titan Stormproof Matches:

KonvoySG Flint And Steel Kit:

Ericx Light 6 Inch Ferrocerium Rod:

Plow & Hearth Fatwood:


You already know cordage includes rope. But did you know it could also include things like webbing? No matter what you go with, just make sure you have plenty of it because it’s hard to replicate in the wild. 

Titan WarriorCord:

Titan SurvivorCord:

Catahoula #36 Bank Line:

Bluewater 1 Inch Webbing:

Tough-Grid Paracord:



A canvas repair needle has many uses. It can be used to poke holes through something or sew blankets together for bedding. A sewing kit could also fall under this element. 

Vigilant Trails Pocket Survival Sewing Kit:

W. Smith & Son 5-Pack, #13-19 Sail Makers Needles:


Having backup is of utmost importance. After all, every one of us has an alternate route for getting to work should our primary one be obstructed. This is why having not just one compass but also a secondary one is crucial.  

Suunto MC2G navigator Compass With Global Needles Metric:

Suunto Clipper L/B Compass:

Suunto: M-9 Wrist Compass:


Whether you’re cooking or carrying food and water, you need some type of container that’s able to hold the contents. Check out these items so you’ll be better prepared.  

Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Single Wall Stainless Steel Water Bottle:

Solo Stove Tital & Solo Pot 1800 Camp Stove Combo:


MSR Alpine 1 Liter Tea Pot:

MSR Stowaway Pot:


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