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A Day Without Electricity: Part 2 - sunlight shining through treetops

A Day Without Electricity: Part 2

In this article, we follow up on our experiment of going without electricity for one day.

In A Day Without Electricity: Part 1, we focused on some of the struggles and negative aspects of not having electricity. We also highlighted the resources we used the most and the importance of having back-up in case something failed.  

In this article, we want to focus on what we liked about our electricity-free day.

The first thing we really enjoyed about living without electricity was the health aspect. In turning off the wi-fi, there was something soothing about not having all those strange signals going through the body. I can’t prove there’s a negative health impact produced by wi-fi but for whatever reason I actually felt healthier – despite eating freeze-dried food all day.

Another thing we liked was the lack of distractions. It’s truly amazing how electricity controls virtually all aspects of our life; and because of this there’s a lot of time wasted using electronic devices. Despite having a few plumbing issues (read about it here), there was time to get through a book I’ve been wanting to read. Instead of hopping on the internet, we were forced to just enjoy the day and take it easy. It was truly tranquil to just focus on the homestead instead of mind-numbing electronics. The best thing, though, was not checking the news, stock prices or text messages.

Something else we found was the togetherness aspect. Because other distractions were limited, we did everything as a family. Cooking was a whole family event and chores were done collectively because all hands are needed when you have fewer conveniences. Better yet, down time was spent reading together. How refreshing!

We also learned we needed less – less electricity, less water, less everything. We found that using natural sunlight was sufficient instead of flipping the light switch; and to this day we’re still practicing this method. For water, we learned when its rationed, you’re more mindful of the resource and naturally use less of it. 

Overall, we think there’s real potential in tapping out of the grid and living a more simple life. All in all, the experiment made us realize we don’t need as much electricity as we think. It also showed us that an even better homestead lifestyle could be out there. 

Living with less (or no) electricity does have it’s challenges. As we wrote about in the previous article, you really have to assess your liabilities. We learned we had several. Once these problems are addressed, however, the off grid lifestyle could become far more pleasant and manageable. 

Shutting off the power for just that one day really affirmed the homestead lifestyle we’re pursuing. It also made us more thankful for what we’ve been blessed with.