the 11th C: bible and pillow against birch tree

The 11th C

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In the popular book by Dave Canterbury called Advanced Bushcraft: An Expert Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival, he discusses something that’s become hugely popular in the bushcraft world called the 10 Cs of survivability. 

For those who aren’t familiar with the 10 Cs, it’s meant to be a foundation of equipment needed to survive in the wild. Of course, it’s not the the be all end all but it does address some of the more important things needed to accomplish a variety of tasks. 

In no particular order, here they are:

Cargo tape.

(Duct tape, etc.). 

Candling devices.

(Candles, flashlights, lanterns, head lamps, etc.). 

Cotton materials.

(Various-sized cloths, shemaugh, bandanas, etc.). 

Combustion devices.

(Matches, lighters, ferro rods, magnifying glass, etc.).

Cover elements.

(Tarps, tents, outerwear, blankets, etc.). 

Cutting tools.

(Saws, axes, knives, carving tools, etc.). 


(Bank line, 550 cord, string, etc.). 


(Obviously, you know what a compass is but having a back-up one is a good idea, too).  

Canvas repair needle.

(Sail needles, sewing kit, etc.).


(Many things can apply here. Water containers, cooking pot, food containers, etc.).

There’s something to be said about this list because as I look back, I can’t think of a single day in the military when myself or one of my fellow soldiers didn’t have these items either on us or packed somewhere in our rucks. The only exception being that of the canvas repair needle – while we didn’t have a big thick needle, we did have small sewing kits. 

While I think the 10 Cs are great, there’s one more C that should be addressed which is that of COMFORT. For me, it’s both spiritual and physical. 

the 11th C: waterproof bible on grass

First let’s talk about the physical side. While you may laugh, I pack a pillow no matter what. I’ve learned from years in the infantry that comfortable rest is crucial to one’s morale and mental stability. A compact pillow packs easily and is worth the extra weight for what it offers in terms of better sleep. Not having proper rest can lead to detrimental effects – especially in a strenuous situation.  

For the spiritual, I’m going to argue this is the most important part of any survival or bushcraft kit. It’s well known that people who believe in the power of prayer and a higher power than themselves fair much better when hard times hit – this is why a Bible is placed in almost all our kits. 

For me, the Bible has been my go-to source of encouragement in recent years. It has provided me with much comfort during the darkest times in my life.

While browsing through Dave Canterbury’s website I found something I’ve never seen before which is a waterproof Bible. We recently bought the same one on Amazon.  

Hopefully times never get bad enough where we’re forced to survive in the wild; but if they do, 11th C will make it much better.

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