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How To Get Even

We all have enemies whether at work or in our private life. 

Worse, some of our enemies have done some pretty nasty stuff to us. Would you not agree?

The basic human reaction is to get even either by another nasty act or by continued emotional hostilities. To do this, however, is childish and wrong. There’s enough hostility in this world and perpetuating these wrong deeds won’t make it better. 

One way to deal with wrongs is to just let it go and not get even at all. Rather than giving into road rage, ignore the person who caused an unsafe act on the freeway. Rather than putting a wrench in your coworker’s work, worry about your own duties instead. 

By letting it go, you rid your body of unhealthy stress and anxiety. When you disregard people’s bad actions towards you, stress decreases and happiness increases. 

There’s also an even better way to act when people wrong us; and that is to have forgiveness. Forgiving others puts us in a better place because it causes us to rise above our circumstances. Having forgiveness makes the process of letting it go that much easier.

The notion of forgiveness can be a tough thing to accept. After all, our human nature encourages us to carry bitterness and resentment to the very end. By forgiving others, though, a strong sense of peace begins to enter our lives and allows us to go forward. Even more, forgiving people isn’t just a nice idea – it’s something God tells us to do.

In addition to having forgiveness and letting it go, do you know what else to do when you’re hurt? Give it to God and let Him carry your burdens; and know that it’s Him who’ll ultimately make every situation “even”. From personal experience, you won’t be disappointed.

Ephesians 4:32

“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.”

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