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Go Back To School (For Less Than $300)

Let’s face it – some folks feel underemployed. Or, you might not be content with your current work environment. You may also feel there’s more you’d like to learn in life.

So what do you do? One thing to do is go back to school.  

Going back to school doesn’t mean you have to spend six figures on a useless degree that will never be accepted in the real world. You can go to school for far less money by simply attending a technical college. Technical colleges can provide an enormous amount of self-worth to an individual and also provide an outlet to build your resume. You don’t have to travel far either as many tech schools exist in both rural and urban areas.

After some research, I found a plethora of classes at a local technical college for less than $300. Here are just a few:

-Computer Programming

-Web Development

-Property Assessment

-Leadership Skills

-Sales and Professional Development

-Various Cooking Courses 

-Refrigeration Servicing 


-Cabinet Construction



-Healthcare Law and Ethics

-Engineering Design

-Creative Writing


-Motorcycle Safety

-Network Fundamentals

There were also dozens of courses for less than $100 and some really interesting ones for just over $400. Some of the ones for over $400 included:

-Operations Management

-Financial Management

-Mental Health

-Construction Technology

-Lean/Sigma Application

-Introduction to ISO



-Business Development & Operations

-Supply Chain Management



These courses could be taken alone or part of a degree, certificate or technical diploma program. It’s really up to you. Even better, there’s not much of a time requirement if you’re only taking one or two classes a semester. 

Each state subsidizes tech schools with your tax dollars at different rates. With this said, some courses could be priced higher (or lower) depending on where you live.   

Showing your boss you’re doing something other than partying on the weekends will set you apart from your peers. It shows you’re taking initiative to better yourself.

As you embark on learning new skills and knowledge, you may also find a new interest in a different career or hobby. This may help you start a new journey in life.  

Going back to school can be a little scary especially if you have a young family but be encouraged to know millions of people have taken a new direction in life only to be rewarded for their faith. 

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