Doing things the right way - every time: roof trusses

Doing Things The Right Way – Every Time

Last year we stumbled upon a problem with an outbuilding that had issues. Rodents began a permanent settlement, tearing things apart. A large groundhog family moved in below and established a clever condo community with their own living quarters, toilet areas and even a cemetery. No matter how many patch jobs we did, things got worse.  

The problem started long before we arrived because the builder skipped many basic building principles. The foundation was uneven with large portions of wood resting directly on the ground. The span of floor trusses in relation to their size exceeded generally recognized building standards. Siding wasn’t fully secured and the building didn’t meet the size restrictions of our township.  

Rather than keep making repairs, we demolished it and started over. Although I’d rather spend the money on something cool like a Stihl chainsaw, it was worth it to do it the right way. Thankfully my dad has decades of construction experience so labor was free and we set off to make a new shed that was stronger and more functional. In the end, it was the right decision despite the time and costs. 

To often, people do sloppy work because they don’t want to put in the effort to do things right. When we face a task in life, doing it right in the beginning saves time and financial resources on the back end. It also reduces problems for future generations – something we overlook. Doing things the right way is good for young people to see, too, because it instills discipline and a sound work ethic.

No one knows how long anything will last around here; but one thing I know is we did our best to make every project right the first time.

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