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What’s Up With The Upside Down Bar?

We’ve all seen it on YouTube – the cool dude (or dudette) wielding a chainsaw like it was an extension of his (or her) body; and then we see an anomaly – the upside-down bar.

Why are the names Stihl, Husqvarna, Oregon, Echo, etc. always upside down on the bar?

The reason has to do with making sure the bar does not wear out unevenly because of the pressure the chain puts on the bar when cutting.

Depending on what you own, you may have to rotate the bar each time you sharpen your chain or replace a chain. Just check the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure.

close up of Stihl chainsaw blade with upside down logo

Rotating the bar looks super cool and telling people you have to rotate it makes you sound even cooler.

I’m going to keep rotating my bar and hopefully people only see me with it when the name Stihl is upside down.

Be safe out there!