Renting Equipment To Do It Yourself: stump grinder profile

Renting Equipment To Do It Yourself

Many jobs come up on the homestead that you think you can’t perform because the cost is too expensive. You may say to yourself you can’t afford a $2,000 log splitter or a $15,000 small tractor to do what you want to do. 

Thankfully, an alternative exists which is to rent the equipment rather than spending massive amounts of money.  

We recently got rid of some very large stumps that would have cost a lot of money if we hired a person or purchased the stump grinding equipment outright. For a fraction of what it would cost to get someone else or purchase machinery, we were able to rent a stump grinder for a very affordable price. Renting Equipment To Do It Yourself: stump grinder in pile of sawdust

After finishing this task, it made me think about all the other projects that could be performed with just a small rental fee. 

Before writing this article, I went around to some local tool rental shops in order to see what was out there. In doing this I was able to find a large variety of equipment for DIYers. Since projects always present themselves – often at inopportune times – it’s good to know what your options are.

So, here’s just a small list of some of the equipment I found:

-Aerial lift.

-Log splitter.

-Stump grinder.

-Small front end loader.


-Pruner chainsaw.


-Power washer.

-Concrete mixer.

-Floor sander.


-Lawn aerator.

-Brush cutter.

-Lawn mower.

-Welding machine.

-Commercial dehumidifier.

-Concrete cutter.

-Hammer drill.

-Breaker hammer.



-Drywall hanging equipment.

-Air mover.

-And many, many more…

As with every project you undertake yourself, it’s good to know your strengths and limitations. For example, if your upper body is sore from working out during the week, using a pruner chainsaw is going to be very difficult because of the strength that’s needed (unfortunately, I found this out the hard way).  

It’s also important to be aware of any and all safety items such as, but not limited to, electrical hazards, struck-by hazards, location of utilities (gas, water, electric, sewer, etc.), caught-in-between hazards, health hazards, respiratory issues, personal protective equipment, underground hazards, overhead hazards, oxygen levels, fall hazards, working near or over water, machine guarding, etc.

Chances are, using something like a stump grinder, front end loader, chainsaw, etc. isn’t what you operate during the week, which is all the more reason to be careful and know your limitations. Far too many accidents have occurred because people ignored safety protocols as outlined not only by government laws but also by what the manufacturer specifies in the operator’s manual. Many accidents have also happened because people were careless and/or underestimated what they were getting themselves in to. 

Renting Equipment To Do It Yourself: stump grinder blade

Any reputable tool rental establishment should be able to get you a copy of the safety requirements and recommendations as well as the operating instructions for the equipment you’re renting. The main tool rental place I frequent always presents me with a print copy of this material. If your rental establishment doesn’t have this literature, you may be able to find it on the internet.  

Although there can be some time and risk involved in doing a project yourself, there’s tremendous satisfaction knowing you accomplished it yourself. 

Just remember, however, the second you disregard the safety of yourself and those around you is the second a terrible accident can happen.

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