improvised offset screwdriver laying on workbench

Improvised Offset Screwdriver

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Having the right tool for the job is a great feeling. Nothing beats having what you want when you want it. However, most of us (myself included) don’t have the financial resources to purchase whatever we want in life. This means sometimes we have to improvise in order to accomplish a task.  This DIY for the improvised offset screwdriver could help you in a pinch.

improvised offset screwdriver on case

Most of us have an assortment of common screw bits on hand but do you know the shaft measurement of those bits? It’s 1/4 inch.

Because it is 1/4 inch, a quarter inch box end wrench used in conjunction with a bit can secure or remove fasteners in tight spaces where you would normally need an offset screwdriver. 

Since many folks don’t have a set of offset screwdrivers laying around, this could be a decent alternative if you have limited tools to get the job done. 

In using this improvised tool myself, I learned it can be a little tricky to apply pressure to the bit while at the same time moving the wrench. This is because the bit can easily fall out of the wrench. However, with a little practice, you can get used to it. 

improvised offset screwdriver in hand

One thing I would recommend is that you might want to first try this in an area where you can easily find the bit if it falls out. When I used this technique for the first time, the bit fell out on the driveway and it took a while to find it (getting a flat tire was the last thing I needed). For those of us who own tires that are magnets for road debris, you know what I’m talking about.

While we would all prefer to have every tool under the sun, the reality is that sometimes we have to make do with what we have. Hopefully, this little improvisation can help you if you come into a situation where you need to get in a tight space and don’t have an offset screwdriver. 

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