cutting pvc pipe with a handsaw

Cutting PVC Pipe (Without Expensive Tools)

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As always in life, we have to make do with what we have. Very few people have all the tools they will ever need. 

Because of this, sometimes we need to come up with alternatives to accomplish a task. 

In this DIY article, we’ll look at a very inexpensive way to cut PVC pipe.

When it comes to cutting PVC like the pros, there are special hand tools as well as power equipment that do a good job at cutting pipe. Both are expensive and probably not a necessity for the average DIYer or homesteader. 

Thankfully, there’s a far cheaper alternative using things you already own on the homestead. 

For this DIY, you’ll need the following:

A saw capable of cutting PVC.

-Thick paper (I’ll be using a piece of sand paper designed to prep copper pipe).

-Piece of tape.


First, wrap your paper around the pipe where you want to cut it. Then, secure it with a piece of tape. 

After that, use a marker and draw a line around the full circumference of the pipe. This line will serve as a guide and reference point as you cut the pipe with your saw.

Now, use your saw to cut the pipe. 

Although the cut won’t be perfect, it’ll be far better than if you just free-handed it with only a saw. Having that line as a reference point significantly improved the quality of my cut. For me, the difference was night and day. 

Hopefully, this helps. In the next DIY article, we’ll look at connecting PVC pipe. 

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