Welcome to Father Of The Homestead!

Here, our motto is “Your homestead is what you make it”. That’s because not everyone is in a position to move to the countryside and live off-grid with livestock and solar panels – and not everyone wants to.

Many of us just want to learn how to hone some simple skills like growing a garden, building something, canning, or fixing an item instead of buying a new one. The idea is not complete self-sufficiency (which sounds nice but is really hard), but rather, not being 100% dependent on a store or service to fulfill all of our needs.

I’m a midwestern family man with a day job, and I run this site along with my wife (“Mother Of The Homestead”, if you will). My background includes the safety industry, military survival skills, published authorship, and just plain life experience.

This is our journey to homesteading. Along the way we hope to share with you helpful product reviews, home preparedness tips, simple DIY projects, and encouragement – which is something we all need.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.